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29 november 2018, posted by Malin Winsa

Formsmedjan and Frozen Waffle starts collaboration

Formsmedjan who is part of the park's coworking concept, starts co-operation with Frozen Waffle - Bodens first game studio, started by two students at the Indie game development program.

The opportunities for collaboration and the complementary skills and companies possessed have made the relationship between companies developed naturally over time. Now in November, cooperation was formalized through the commencement of joint projects.

-We have found ourselves in the periphery of game development for a long time and have also produced games themselves. It feels incredibly exciting for us to take the next step in our own development where we take in games and the game's logic as a motor for communication, says Palle Andersson, CEO of Formsmedjan.

The formsmedjan released by February 2018 a self-produced game aimed at young consumers in Spain.

Sebastian Ojala, co-founder of Frozen Waffle, tells about the collaboration:

- We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with local companies to promote business in Boden. To show that the coming gaming industry in Boden can contribute to already established companies, we believe is important and we are looking forward to our cooperation with Formsmedjan.

The formation of Frozen Waffle can be described in part as a result of the game education initiative at Boden Business Park, which is a collaboration between Changemaker Education and Sunderby Folkhögskola.

Palle Andersson concludes by saying:

- Our customers need to be there where their target groups are located and communicate with them in a relevant way for the target group. Communication means initially doing mutual or mutual exchange and it is just so we are looking at communication and that is also the basis for this unique collaboration.

Formsmedjan was formed in 2008 with the intention that through strategic processes and creative communication, customers can build and develop their brands - and create better business.

Frozen Waffle
Is a game studio initiated by three students in the first year of FutureGames Indiespel developer. Works mainly with consultant jobs and the project "Perfect Summer", a game influenced by their growth in northern Sweden. Frozen Waffle will also work near FutureGames Indie Game Developer in the future to help build the game industry in Boden.

Palle Andersson, Formsmedjan +46 70-317 92 29

Sebastian Ojala, Frozen Waffle +46 76-141 98 55

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