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He will take the environmental technology to new hights
19 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa

He will take the environmental technology to new hights

Thomas Fägerman is the man assigned to develop the environmental technology industry in Boden. He takes on the new job with great environmental commitment and courageous visions - like preparing the 97 for electrification.

The municipal development company Bodens Utveckling AB (BUAB) has been expanding at Boden Business Park in Sävast. In May Thomas Fägerman was employed as a new business developer in the field of environmental technology. He has a long experience in the environmental engineering industry and comes from a position as work manager at Swerock AB. As a tool at work he has events, knowledge dissemination, innovation support, establishment support and property development. The latter deals, among other things, with filling up an industrial area with companies operating in environmental engineering and recycling between the Brändkläpp waste disposal plant and the mountain range in Svalget. - I have contact with a couple who have ideas so we will see if you can create companies around it. There are also existing companies that want to expand and other companies wanting to settle in Boden. We believe that the industrial area will be established successively in the coming years, says Thomas.

Commander Mats Berg has previously expressed intentions that Boden will be a leader in environmental technology and recycling, or clean tech as it is also called. Read more. "Should we be a leader, we will prepare the 97 for electrification. It could be Northern Europe's first full-scale attempt. It is the kind of project that makes us look in Europe. According to the Paris agreement, all transports must be fossil-free and renewable by 2050. In the Boden, biogas has been invested for a long time, but it is necessary to supplement either electricity or hydrogen according to Thomas, as the biogas accounts for 20 percent of the need. "It's a social change. We have cheap and environmentally friendly electricity. What we need is environmentally friendly and sustainable transport, "says Thomas. His dream is to get a groundbreaking technology development project in parity with Ragn-Sells and LKAB's phosphorus extraction from mining waste. He is interested in finding recycling projects in the tracks of the battery factory in Skellefteå. Using the heat from the data halls to cultivation is another idea.

Thomas has a great personal commitment to the environment and climate that stretches back to youth as a field biologist. According to him, there are many projects that could be more environmentally friendly and he believes that sustainable investments can also mean business opportunities and competitive advantages. "I am convinced that we need to make things more resource efficient. It's exciting, sometimes it's talking about the environment as a threat, but equally it is an opportunity for those who find solutions. He is more positive now than before and sees the benefits that digitalization increases the visibility of waste and misbehavior - like when a car can get different drivers to compete for who drives the most environmentally friendly. "We have three major global issues; sustainability, urbanization and digitization, in Boden we have strengths in all these challenges. It makes me go to work.

Text and image: KOMM / Bodens kommun

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