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8 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa

Welcome Hanna and Thomas!

This spring we were proud to introduce our new colleague Anna-Karin who works as a construction project leader for the "new building". After that we have been enriched by two more colleagues - Hanna Vågstedt and Thomas Fägerman.

Hanna is our new financial manager and comes closest to a PwC accountant. Thomas is our new business developer who will work with establishments and mainly in the field of environmental technology. Thomas comes from a position as work manager at Swerock AB.

We warmly welcome Hanna and Thomas to Boden Business Park!


Contact Information:

Hanna Vågstedt

+46 70-292 31 29


Thomas Fägerman

+46 70-560 97 77

Inauguration of the Boden Type Data Center One

11 february 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
The Boden Type Data Center One, BTDC, was officially inaugurated on Februray 7, 2019 in Boden, Sweden. The Mayor of Boden, Mr. Claes Nordmark as well as the CEO of Boden Business Agency Mr. Erik Svensson delivered the inaugural address, as the...

E-commerce education for Boden

29 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
Changemaker Educations gets the go-ahead to start a education for new web developers in Boden. The training focuses specifically on E-commerce. - The education has produced a successful result when we implemented it in Stockholm, and it is not...

Another gaming company is established in Boden

14 january 2019, posted by Malin Winsa
Stockholm-based Glorious Games becomes the third gaming company to establish a satellite studio at Boden Business Park. This means that all students in the first year will stay in the region during the spring internship.We have previously told...