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  • Boden Business Park,
    Swedish Laplands new business venue

    Boden Business Park is the meeting place in Boden Science City. The facility contains business hotel, conference rooms, restaurant and hotel - all under the same roof

    In 2015 Skapa Företagsby becomes Boden Business Park, the new venue located midway between Boden and Luleå. A major work is now proceeding to create a unique, creative and vibrant venue. At Boden Business Park we want to attract all types of businesses and industries and through the creation of cross-sectoral networks enable innovation collaborations. Welcome!


    Opening hours

    M-F lunch: 11:00-13:30

    Daily specials w. 34




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    About us

    Boden Business Park is situated in the centre of the Node Pole, in between Luleå and Boden. 
    It is right now emerging into the next generation of creative arenas where R&D, events , entrepreneurs and cutting edge techniques is melting into future solutions for new industries. 


    17 aug 2018
    During the summer there has begun to happen a lot here at Boden Business Park that you have certainly noticed. The foundation work that has begun...
    18 maj 2018
    Six days left to Blockchain North and we had a small chat with Per Nilsson at the Norrlandsfonden, silver partner for the conference. Hi Per!...
    15 maj 2018
    Blockchain North approaches and on May 24th we will open the doors to Studio Nord to arrange the first Blockchain conference in northern Sweden...
    29 mar 2018
    Save the date! On May 24th we will, together with Luleå Technical University, host the Blockchain North conference - a full day seminar...


    A conference at Boden Business Park is a conference amidst development and entrepreneurship. There is much inspiration to retrieve and contacts to tie. In a vibrant and creative environment, we offer several conference rooms for 8-125 persons. The proximity to Swedish Lapland’s best golf course is another appreciated advantage.


    A charming hotel with 18 single rooms and 4 double rooms. WIFI is available in all rooms and hotel guests have free access to the sauna. If you place your conference here, or are traveling long distance to visit Boden Business Park, the possibility to overnight is appreciated. Breakfast is included and is served in the restaurant.

    Business studios

    Placing all or part of your business at Boden Business Park means proximity to other development-driven companies. It enables interesting collaborations, business and innovations. We’re leasing both permanent and temporary business studios, by that you’re able to hire a project office at us.