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Boden Type Data Center

Boden Type Data Center is a part of the EU research- and innovation program, Horizon 2020. In competition with other European consortiums, Horizon 2020 has awarded Northern Sweden a three-year innovation project based in Boden. The mission is to build a prototype for the next generation of energy and cost-effective data centres.

The prototype, named Boden Type Data Center One, is an experimental laboratory and demonstration plant, which innovatively combines technologies. The purpose is to test and validate operability and utility in real operational environments.

The project is operated by a pan-European consortium, consisting of the initiator, Hungarian H1 Systems, the Swedish research institute RISE SICS NORTH, the British EcoCooling, the German research institute Fraunhofer IOSB, and the Swedish Boden Business Agency. In collaboration, the organisations aim to design and validate a future-proof concept.

The balance of work load, effect of air flow efficiency and modularity is at the center of the research. The operative measurement and construction design of the data center will provide information and analysis for facilities wanting to replicate the solution in their chosen location. The Northern Sweden’s data center hub, Boden, is home to this 36-months research project, with a budget of about 3 millions Euro.

For more information and updates concerning the project: visit www.bodentypedc.eu