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Hello Per at Norrlandsfonden!
18 may 2018, posted by Malin Winsa

Hello Per at Norrlandsfonden!

Six days left to Blockchain North and we had a small chat with Per Nilsson at the Norrlandsfonden, silver partner for the conference.

Hi Per! What is going on at Norrlandsfonden right now?

We are busy providing finance to exciting investments in the region.

Generally speaking, Why is the blockchain technology so interesting?

Blockchain is very interesting as a basis for many new business ideas and business models in all kinds of branches.

Why have Norrlandsfonden chosen to be a silver partner to Blockchain North?

We want to promote distribution of knowledge about this techology. Our region now have the chance to be at the frontier to do business based on blockchain technology.


Welcome to Blockchain North! Registrer and find more information at

He will take the environmental technology to new hights

19 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
Thomas Fägerman is the man assigned to develop the environmental technology industry in Boden. He takes on the new job with great environmental commitment and courageous visions - like preparing the 97 for electrification. The municipal...

Welcome Hanna and Thomas!

8 september 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
This spring we were proud to introduce our new colleague Anna-Karin who works as a construction project leader for the "new building". After that we have been enriched by two more colleagues - Hanna Vågstedt and Thomas Fägerman.Hanna is...

Information about the new construction

17 august 2018, posted by Malin Winsa
During the summer there has begun to happen a lot here at Boden Business Park that you have certainly noticed. The foundation work that has begun is going very well, beyond expectations, which is very pleasing! Now on Monday, August 20th, we will...