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Boden invest in business development.

Boden invest in business development.

As a result of the reorganization of Boden's municipal administration structure, two business strategists will be moved from the municipal management administration to Boden Business Park.

The municipally wholly owned business company Boden Business Park, with Thomas Fägerman as CEO, will be the new organizational affiliation for business developers Michaela Strömberg and Jörgen Nordqvist. A strategic gathering of forces where you see synergy effects and new opportunities in the continued development work with Boden's business. Boden's five designated development areas; KKN (Cultural and creative industries) Electricity-intensive industry, Environmental technology, Visiting industry / Trade and Horse industry that are managed from different places now have a natural home.

- The best of two worlds, a win-win, when we now concentrate our resources in one place and where we can now increase the level of service and collaboration with our business community. I also do not see any major drama in the move as we still - and here I want to be clear - will continue to be out with our entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, says Mats Berg, municipal and business manager.

- A good reinforcement for us at Boden Business Park as we get several natural and established entrances to the business community in Boden. I see great opportunities to improve our service and cut lead times in our continued development work for an even better business climate, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park.


Mats Berg, Municipal Manager / Business Manager, 070-675 77 80

Thomas Fägerman, CEO Boden Business Park, 070-560 97 77

Boden Business Park AB is a wholly owned municipal business company. There is also a business park of just over 12,000 m2 in Sävast just south of Boden. There are a large number of work and meeting places here; Växthuset, Verkstan, Fabriken restaurant Torget as well as gym, hotel and conference activities.