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Games catch up with iron ore and pulp

Games catch up with iron ore and pulp

This week, the Computer Games industry's report Game Developer Index 2020 was presented. It shows that game developers' turnover grew by 27 percent and amounted to SEK 24.3 billion in 2019. The figure can be compared with Sweden's exports of iron ore and pulp, which according to Statistics Sweden were both worth around SEK 25 billion in 2019. *.

In addition, non-recurring income related to the gaming business, the total turnover in 2019 was just over SEK 41 billion.

In 2019, the number of employees increased by 8 percent, which corresponds to 657 full-time positions and a total of 442 game development companies with 8578 employees. This means an increase in the number of employees by just over 175 percent in five years.

A challenge for Swedish gaming companies is to recruit staff in Sweden, the report therefore also shows Swedish companies' employees outside Sweden. Of the 5,878 employees, 5,579 were employees in Sweden.

The number of female employees increased in 2019 by 11 percent, to 1894 people, which corresponds to 22 percent of all employees.

Mattias Bergqvist is a business developer at Boden Business Park:
- The gaming industry continues to grow in Sweden and will, despite the current world situation, grow even more strongly in the coming years.
- The report also highlights challenges in the form of recruitment, training and capital, where we work very actively with these issues to ensure that we succeed in creating successful companies here.

*) This refers to the raw material iron ore and pulp, including processed products such as steel, cardboard, etc., the export value is higher.

Link to the report can be found HERE!