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Minecraft as a summer job

Minecraft as a summer job

House of How has hired ten people to create content for Minecraft during the summer. All are either current or former students at the indie game education at Boden Gamecamp.

The opportunity to work completely digitally means that the gaming industry has generally coped with the Corona pandemic better than many other industries. House of How has also been able to offer internships and now employment to several students at a distance.
- One of the jobs is permanent, the other nine are probably more short-term but that means anything between 2-6 months, maybe longer. We hope to be able to keep some of them and get help part-time even when they continue to study because they have done a great job, says Russ McMackin, founder and leader of House of How.

The Seattle company, which started up its satellite studio at Boden Business Park 1.5 years ago, is working partly to create content for Minecraft and partly with its own projects. In the spring, they were in the middle of making their upcoming game Voxelcrawl ready to be shown to publishers, but in connection with the pandemic, interest in Minecraft increased, which has meant that all focus is now on Microsoft's giant game.
- In April, sales began to increase. So we put more resources on that page and went from about four to maybe 30 people who work with it, and most of them are in Boden or have been in Boden before, says Russ.

The idea is that the revenue they generate from Minecraft will now be used to finance the company's upcoming projects. And Boden is a central part of House of How's plans for the future.
- We will probably continue to expand slowly in Boden all the time, I do not expect that we will stop with that. We definitely plan to receive trainees again next year and we will only accept trainees if we think we have a chance to hire them later, says Russ McMackin.