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From Thailand to Boden: A unique experience

From Thailand to Boden: "A unique experience"

When Mina Surathra Aomsap got in touch with Wanderwords CEO Thomas Lindgren, she did not even know where Boden was. This summer, she is doing an internship as a data analyst at the gaming company.
- It turns out to be my most unique experience ever, says the student from Thailand.

With her technical and business background, she is the bridge between technology and business and uses data analysis to ensure that technology and business go hand in hand to achieve Wanderword's mission. Mina Surathra Aomsap comes from Si Racha in Thailand and is studying the master's program in business and management at the Stockholm School of Economics.
- In Sweden, you do not have to choose between a career and quality of life, in my opinion. Hopefully, I can settle in Sweden.

It was through the mentor program at the Stockholm School of Economics that she was introduced to Wanderword's CEO Thomas Lindgren earlier this year. She says that the company's identity and the exciting job description made her accept the internship as a data analyst at Boden Business Park this summer.
- My goal is to make Wanderword a data-driven company with three pillars; people, process, and product. Most of the team are interested in data, they are really fascinated by the data they collect from their products. In addition, I compile data analyzes with the aim of optimizing product performance.

She was pleasantly surprised when she came to Boden Business Park.
- It is interesting to see how you can decentralize the tech industry from the big cities here. It is important for the quality of life for people, not everyone wants to work in Stockholm all the time.
- This is a unique experience, that's the key. When nature and tech industry merge. When you are tired of computers, you can look out the windows and see the mountains.