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Clear sign for unique game education at Björknäsgymnasiet

Clear sign for unique game education at Björknäsgymnasiet

Boden continues to grow as a game developer center.
In the fall of 2021, a unique high school education with gaming focus will start - the second of its kind in Sweden.
- It feels honored to have it awarded, says Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program.

As the second upper secondary school in Sweden, Björknäsgymnasiet starts a unique three-year gaming education in the fall of 2021. The Swedish National Agency for Education has now granted an application to start a special variant of the aesthetic program with a focus on game development. The education will have national intake and space for 24 students at Boden Gamecamp at Boden Business Park.

Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program at Björknäsgymnasiet, sees this education as a perfect complement to Boden Gamecamp where there are now gaming courses at the post-secondary level and several gaming companies established.
Students are given tools to understand and work with the game as a medium. They will learn to develop computer games, write interactive stories, and create entertaining gaming moments.
- It is a stimulating challenge to start a new program, something that does not happen so often in high school. It also feels great to be able to offer modern high school facilities at Boden Gamecamp, says Thomas Nilsson.

The ambition of this education is to create an attractive and relevant education that attracts both girls and boys. In addition to giving students the opportunity to continue their studies at college and vocational college, students should also build understanding and contacts with business and industry. In the first year, students will read the same courses in order to choose courses in depth during the spring term, such as programming, graphics, sound, and storytelling. In the third year, students will be part of a gaming company where the student, in addition to creating games, learns the entrepreneurial conditions that exist in the gaming world.

The three-year upper secondary education will be run in conjunction with Changemaker Educations, which will begin its third post-secondary education at Boden Gamecamp this fall.
- The one thing that is very fun is that we can have students from high school to ready-made game developers. We train those who want to enter the industry and those who are in the industry. The second is that we can join and build Sweden's first purely game gym at Boden Gamecamp. They sit on the same premises as students at the next level and in the same building as gaming companies that deliver to Alexa and Amazon. This environment is completely unique in Sweden, it has direct contact with the industry, says Per Myrén, Development Manager at Changemaker Educations.

Thomas Fägerman is the CEO of Boden Business Park.
- What a summer present, now we can catch the talents already at the high school level to the growing computer games industry here in the north. There will be another puzzle piece in place in our joint ecosystem Boden Gamecamp.


For more information:
Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program
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