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Are you our new moderator?

Are you our new moderator?

When our current moderator ends, we are now looking for a new star who, with stage experience, dedication and an inspiring way, will lead Company breakfast in Boden and get the best out of the event and its guests.

The first Friday of the month ten times a year, Business Breakfast is organized in Boden at Boden Business Park. The program is 45 minutes and deals with both current business news and today's theme. The breakfast is arranged by Bodens Kommun, Företagarna Boden and Boden Business Park.

The organizers plan and place the program and you as our moderator lead the work on stage (or the studio depending on the situation). The breakfast gathers about 200 guests of a mixed nature, but mostly with the focus on entrepreneurs and business people in the Boden and Luleå region.

Starting with breakfast in September, we hope you will be there and lead the work from the stage (alternatively from the studio if it becomes a digital corporate breakfast). Remuneration is paid in agreement with the project team. Your client is Bodens Kommun. Interviews are conducted week 33.

Interested? Email Michaela Strömberg at michaela.stromberg@boden.se and we will contact you for further dialogue.