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The Technical College attracts the applicant from other municipalities

The Technical College attracts the applicant from other municipalities

Boden establishes its position as a game developer center by now also enabling education with game focus already at the high school. External interest is above expectations. When the last application day approaches for the game focus at Teknikcollege's fourth year at Björknäsgymnasiet, most of the applicants come from other municipalities.
- It is very interesting to see that we can attract students from other municipalities, says Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program.

To build a base for recruitment in the gaming industry, Björknäsgymnasiet will start a game orientation this fall for the students who attend the fourth year at the Technical College. The training will be conducted at Boden Gamecamp at Boden Business Park where several gaming companies are established.

Most of the applicants for the start of the autumn come from other municipalities.
- The Luleå residents are very close to getting to Sävast and it is attractive that we can offer accommodation. It is national intake so we can, like post-secondary education, turn to students throughout Sweden, says Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program.

The training is conducted in collaboration with Changemaker Educations, which in the autumn will start another post-secondary education at Boden Gamecamp. In the fourth year, students do an internship at a company for at least ten weeks to build a network already during their education.
- It feels very motivating and fun to be part of this. Something new is starting up and we have our chance to be involved from the beginning, ”says Thomas Nilsson.

In the days, an application has been submitted to the National Agency for Education to start a special variant of the aesthetic program with a focus on game development. It is a program with a national intake where Björknäsgymnasiet is investing in 24 students starting in the fall of 2021. The message is expected this fall.
- The background is all positive that happens at Boden Business Park and since it is about education, the high school should also be represented there, says Thomas Nilsson.

Because the gaming world is very complex, Björknäsgymnasiet wants to accommodate different areas to specialize in. Thomas Nilsson sees graphics, programming, sound, and storytelling as key skills in the gaming world.
- Besides the proximity to Changemaker Educations and the gaming industry, we see that Filmpool Nord is an industry that we have the opportunity to deliver to, he says.

Thomas Fägerman is the CEO of Boden Business Park.
- It is extremely gratifying that the students choose to invest in computer game education now that we have such strong growth in the industry here in the north. Extra fun is that we attract students from the region to Boden and the ecosystem of education and game studios we have at Boden Business Park.

Mattias Bergqvist is the operational manager of the gaming company Wanderword and business developer at Boden Business Park with the task of building a gaming industry in Boden.
- I am incredibly happy that Björknäsgymnasiet is now starting the fourth year and is applying for an independent program with national intake. The goal of Boden's investment has always been to build a staircase of education for different target groups and age groups and with Björknäsgymnasiet's investment we can now gain talent at an even earlier stage. From a company perspective, this means that in the future we will be able to recruit even more and sharper students of different ages and with different educational levels.

FACTS: The gaming industry in Norr- and Västerbotten
2019 was a record year for the gaming industry in Norr- and Västerbotten. The number of employees doubled and the number of companies increased by almost 30 percent. Today about 400 professional game developers are operating in some 70 companies.
Source: Arctic Game Lab


For more information:
Thomas Nilsson, program coordinator of the technology program
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Thomas Fägerman, CEO Boden Business Park
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