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TNTX aims to reduce fatalities with new technology

TNTX aims to reduce fatalities with new technology

By combining AR and VR with mechanical engineering, TNTX in Boden aims to create education systems to reduce fatalities and injuries in working life.
"It's about improving people's performance," says Thomas Vikström, one of two founders and former mechanical engineer at Tesla.

It is difficult to qualitatively train and educate people in dangerous occupations without costing much money. The newly established Boden company TNTX will change this. With the help of AR and VR, combined with smart mechanical solutions, they will create advanced virtual education platforms. This is to make it possible to replace or supplement training of work activities in real life which are otherwise costly, difficult and in some cases impossible to train with high security.
- The goal for us is to reduce both the number of deaths and the number of injuries. The better and more qualitative education you have, the less the risk of being injured, says Thomas Lindgren, one of the founders.

Mortality is greatest in the mining, steel, construction, forestry and transport industries as well as service and installation of power lines. These sectors are all located in upper Norrland and TNTX sees opportunities for collaboration with both large and small companies to develop smart training opportunities.

In the early 1990s, Thomas Vikström and Thomas Lindgren made the lump together at ATS in Östersund. Last year they got in touch again - and decided to start a company together. Thomas Vikström comes from Boden and has spent the last 20 years living in the United States where he has worked with product development for the world's automotive industry, including the last ten years at Tesla. Thomas Lindgren is not a resident, but has helped establish a number of companies in Boden and is passionate about the countryside. He has 20 years of experience in the gaming industry and has also built advanced training solutions for defense forces around the world.

TNTX's education system is not only applicable in industry, but also in therapy work and in the sports world. Within 24 months, the goal is to have 16 employees in Boden. Now the focus is on finding investors to develop the company.
- We must get local resources to get involved in the companies we draw here. We want to make the business stop and bloom here, which is very important, says Thomas Vikström.
- It helps humanity, but it also helps the countryside, says Thomas Lindgren.

With the establishment at Boden Business Park, they want to contribute to a move in to the municipality.
- It is a fantastic investment that has been made here and has opened the door for many. The more pioneers like us who come here, the more senior people will come here when there are things happening, says Thomas Lindgren.
- You have to be at the forefront of technology and you have to work for a vision that is somewhat larger. Now we are going to fix the mortality and injuries out in the working life, it is something worthy to work for, ”says Thomas Vikström.

For more information contact:
Thomas Vikström
001 517 285 1127