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Information about the Coronavirus Covid-19

Information about the Coronavirus Covid-19

Information about how we handle and limit the spread of covid-19 infection at Boden Business Park:

- We have increased the cleaning rate on toilets and public areas.

- We have exhibited hand spirit at various places in the park.

- The restaurant continues as usual with plate-served lunches, however, you get your salad in small serving bowls and the bread you get on your plate. You can ask for soup.

The restaurant will be open as usual for lunches and other reservations!

- We have chosen to postpone or cancel the events that were planned in the near future despite the number of visitors being less than 500 people per event. This is a precautionary principle. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for updates on events.

We follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority and WHO and update if changes occur.

General advice (taken from folkhälsomyndigheten.se.se):

- Stay home when you are sick

- Pay attention to symptoms of covid-19

- Wash your hands frequently

- Cough and sneeze in the arm fold

- Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth