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Kickstart your business with the Go Business Hangout

Kickstart your business with the Go Business Hangout

Are you a new entrepreneur and want help getting started with the business?
Then Go Business Hangout is for you.

It can be difficult to know how to develop your business. How do I build my personal brand? Which social media channels do I need to find the best? These are the questions you get answered in the pre-incubator Go Business Hangout. You get inspiration and tools to concretize your ideas and drive them forward.

The Hangout concept consists of a start-up meeting and a digital lecture series, three individual conversations with an innovation leader and weekly coffee meetings where the group is seen and matched at present. All meetings take place in the Greenhouse at Boden Business Park.

One of the participants during the fall was 23-year-old Elvira Lind, who started her company in August 2019. She works with video and photography and helps companies to appear in social media.
- It was very inspiring, you were told a lot about topics in business. There were many good lecturers. It was especially fun to talk to others who have just started companies and discuss issues that they have had.

Elvira Lind loves photography and video and has long had a plan to make her work interesting. She works half time at preschool and half time with her company. The first time with her own company has gone better than she had imagined.
- A lot of work has come in and it's a lot of fun. Video is what works right now and it is noticed that people understand it.

How have these hits helped you as a self-employed person?
- It's easier for me to talk to others when I know how to pitch my company, it's not as difficult to explain what I do for something. The economy is also much easier, I don't have to think it's that advanced anymore.

What would you say to someone who is curious about the Go Business Hangout?
- You get something out of it, you get inspired. I can do this, I can handle this. You feel peppery for your own company.

Owe Johansson, CEO of Cando, is the innovation leader for the group that meets at Boden Business Park.
- Go Business Hangout provides practical expertise, a developed network, and inspiration to think new. There are workshops with network elements and individual reviews for business development.

Does it sound interesting? Read more and apply at gobusiness.nu.
Deadline is February 7th.