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She wants to help Boden forward through web development

She wants to help Boden forward through web development

Elinor Kero found her dream education at home.
Now she studies web development with a focus on e-commerce and can walk to school.
- It felt almost too good to be true, she says.

Elinor Kero, 29, discovered the education through the Instagram account, @narhetsliv, which is run by Bodens municipality. She has been interested in the industry for several years but has not found any education nearby.
She has previously lived in Umeå for four years where she studied as a teacher and did not want to move again.
- Earlier I was interested in system development, then I started to think that web development and front end are more my things. I enjoy Boden so I thought I probably won't be able to study it because it's not here. So the education turned up and then I was very happy.

The first time at school has meant many new things. Since Elinor Kero had almost no experience in the area, it was very challenging, but also very fun.
- You have to be very creative. Now we have had some coding and then we have had industry knowledge and leadership. We have also worked on our own portfolios, our own websites where we can post and show what we have done.

Her main goal with her education is to help local businesses reach more people on the Internet.
- Since moving back to Boden, I've felt that "wow, things are happening here" and I want to help Boden forward.

What is the best thing about this education?
- To get acquainted with an industry that I have been interested in for quite some time. I like to know how things work, to know how to build a website and how everything works. It's very inspiring and motivating to me.
- The premises are really nice! It feels great to come here and be the first to live here.

Elinor Kero grew up in Svartbjörnsbyn, but has lived in Sävast for 3.5 years.
- I've always wanted to live in Sävast, I've always thought it was the best area in town. It's close to Luleå and so my parents live here now, they moved here when they sold my childhood home. It felt natural to move here.

What is it that you like about Sävast?
- It's such a beautiful nature and there are good walking paths everywhere. Above all, it is quiet, there is a nice atmosphere here in some way.