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Guest teacher from Seattle: This can be really big

Guest teacher from Seattle: "This can be really big"

For six weeks, Ivan Hernandez, from Seattle studio House Of How, has been teaching at the indie game education in Sävast.
He believes in the venture.
- This can be really big, he says.

In January 2019, House Of How from Seattle established itself in Sävast and is one of five gaming studios to receive internships from indie game education. During the fall, Ivan Hernandez from the studio came here as a guest teacher to teach the students in, among other things, game development.

- It is interesting that age and knowledge vary. Some have just graduated from high school, while others have worked for several years and decided to go back to school to learn something they are really interested in. It's cool to see that mix.

He thinks it is fun to see Boden Business Park with all the activities that are starting up, such as Tjers Brewery and the new gym, and the bet on games.
- The whole game program is pretty good. It's fun to meet all the people and see that they work to make this a tech hub. The people are here because they care, because they want to do this and work with tech and make games. They want to do something in a place where you don't expect it to happen, and it works surprisingly well.

How big can the games industry in Boden be?
- Based on what I've seen, it can be really big. Especially if the programs continue to grow as they do now, I think it can be a really cool place.

He compares the game education with Digipen, a college in Redmond north of Seattle, which offers a bachelor's and master's programs in computer science, animation, video game development, game design, sound design, and computer engineering.
- Digipen has done very well. They went from a small individual building like this one where they had summer courses and now they have 20 buildings. It started just like this place. It's great to have seen how it developed and to see how this begins. This can be really, really cool.

It's the first time he's in Boden.
- It's so beautiful here. There are many cool places to visit. Most nights I've been out walking. There are roads everywhere so you can only choose one direction.
- I love to explore new places, see the culture, meet people and see what they like to do. I've appreciated that here. We were up on a small mountain here where you look all over Sävast and it was very cool.

During his weeks in Boden, he took the opportunity to look around the county. Ivan Hernandez likes to hike and has visited Sarek National Park and Storforsen.
- It was beautiful and very cool. I would really like to come back here in the summer because there are many activities.