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Boden Brawl - an esports event for the whole family

Boden Brawl - an esports event for the whole family

Is Fortnite a big deal in your family?
Then the Boden Brawl esports event is for you.
- This is the coolest event of the year," says Emil Sandberg, business developer at Boden Business Park.

On December 6-8, Studio Nord in Sävast will be transformed into an esport arena when Boden Brawl is organized as part of the celebration of Boden 100 years.
Emil Sandberg, business developer at Boden Business Park and one of the organizers, hopes that more parents will have a better understanding of esports. That they get to see what many young people are doing and why there is such a great interest.
- It is new thinking of Boden municipality to dare to invest in it and above all to understand what young people want. It is huge, he says.

There will be two different tournaments in the popular game Fortnite this weekend. One will last all Saturday and the other will start late on Saturday night and end on Sunday afternoon. Together with Sparbanken Nord, a prize pool of SEK 60,000 has been created.
"Epic Games, which made Fortnite, are creative in their branding which means we can have a great event with just one game. You can do many visual things around that make the whole arena breathe Fortnite", says Emil Sandberg.

Why should you come here?
- This is the coolest event of the year. It's not just esports, it's really something for the whole family. You can come here and watch and you can watch movies made in Filmpool Nord's studio.
- If you are interested in gaming education and what is happening here at Boden Business Park, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more and meet us.

The 160 seats were filled in less than a month, but a waiting list is available for games.
- Come and meet people even if you haven't got a place in the tournament itself. It will be something that is very special and unique. It's free for anyone not competing, says Emil Sandberg.


For more information:
Emil Sandberg, business developer Boden Business Park