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Norrlands biggest Game Jam

Norrlands biggest Game Jam

Right now, Norrland's largest game jam is running at Boden Business Park. Fatshark Game Jam has around 70 participants who create games together and learn from each other for three days.

On site are three game developers from Fatshark games who coach the participants and help them develop. Arvid Nilsson from Boden, Mats Andersson from Kalix and Gunnar Johansson from Boden, who are behind the initiative. This is the first time this has happened in Sweden.
- I try to help and tell you how it can work in a workplace, what mistakes you should try to avoid. It will be fun to see their game, says Arvid.

Jamet can be likened to a hockey camp with Peter Forsberg, though free and in game development. It is arranged to help game developers get better and at the same time gain perspective on the gaming industry.
- It is sickly creative and fun and those who sit at home and create games get a chance to meet others and get coaching. It is also very good for the gaming industry in Boden to gather everyone in Nybygget, says Emil Sandberg at Boden Business Park.

The participants come from Skellefteå, from the local area and yet up from Nordreisa in Nordnorge and are everything from totally inexperienced to students and active game developers.

Text and image: KOMM, Bodens municipality