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Boden on the international game map!

Boden on the international game map!

The games industry has just released its report Game Developers Index 2019 which maps the growing Swedish gaming industry. Here, several investments are raised in Boden, which in a short period of time produced real results.

Valkyrie Jam was selected as the 2019 milestone on the timeline of the development of the Swedish gaming industry, in the company of Minecraft's launch in 2011, the founding of DICE in 1992 and Atari's advancement in the 1970s. It's really big! "In 2019, companies such as House of How, WanderWord and Glorious Games have launched satellite offices in Boden."
"Valkyrie Game Jam was organized for the second time in July 2019 and is a ten-day long summer program that brings together 12 women and non-binary who want to invest undisturbed on further development in game development."

A huge thanks to our collaborators, our skilled colleagues, the students at Boden Gamecamp, Arctic Game Lab and of course all the game developers who have chosen Boden as their place to live and work.