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Congratulations to Team Tools AB

Congratulations to Team Tools AB

Congratulations to Patricia and her colleagues at Team Tools AB who became the winner of the finale in the region in Venture Cup Startup 2019 in the category ”Impact Maker” last night.

Venture Cup is a annual competition for startups and entrepreneurs who can participat and develop their business ideas which later leads to sucessful companies. The competitions begins in four different regions in Sweden and the big finale is in Gothenburg. Patricia competed in Umeå with her company Team Tools AB which has three different services they are calling: TeamPay, TeamHäftet and TeamApp. The service TeamPay is the winning service in the category ”Impact Maker” which is one of four categories the entreprenuers can compete in.

TeamPay are helping organisations having control over their own business with giving them a increased profitability, less waste and keeps track of the business. TeamPay offering you a cashregister which makes it more fast and easier for the organisations having control over their cashflow. Team Tools AB compete with their product TeamPay in the big finale in Gothenburg in 24 of september.

We talked to Patricia who said - "I´m so glad for this positive attention for what we´re trying to achieve. Our goal is to help organisations to create better view in a well-filled cashregister through digitization. Somewhere everything its about defend ideal forces for having a good profability for every activitates who has revenue-generating purpose. The fact that we can offer statistics in real time also makes it more fun and easier to get involved. You get feedback and don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over again." 

 We´re all at Boden Business Park very pround of taking part of Team Tools developing and looking forward the finale in the autumn.  

Once Again, a big congratulation to Patricia and her team!


Team Tools AB is founded by Patricia Karlsson and now the team is consisting by Michael Hansson,Fredrik Gustavsson, Liselotte Bruse.