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Meet our new business developer Emil!

Meet our new business developer Emil!

We can finally tell that we have a new colleague who will continue to develope the gaming industry here in Boden. Who is Emil then? Emil started his career in Oslo as a salesman but has spent most of the time after the Social Science program at the company Dressmann. He has also worked with Läkarjouren but now he completely changed line instead to working with development in the gaming industry. Emil will, in addition to continuing to develop the gaming industry in Boden, also help our students in indiegameeducation.

Hi Emil! How does it feel to be here at Boden Business Park?
Since the first time I stepped into Boden Business Park I liked the energy and atmosphere here. There is a lovely mindset here at the park and I like the people who´s working here because they have a interest to moving forward. I told myself "One beautiful day I want to be here, this is the place I want to be working at, its the right place were I could develop even more and these people are people I would like to surround myself with".

Which connection to you have to the gaming industry?
I have followed Mattias Bergqvist's journey and success with the development of the gaming industry in Boden and I did not hesitate for a second when the question came to start working on the game development at Boden Business Park. We are building a house of 5400 square meters to give greater space for the gaming industry in Boden, one of the world's largest pioneers in gaming is expanding its business at Boden Business Park and we have a new class of students in the autumn starting the educuation: indieplaydevelopment.

What is the biggest challenge right now?
Now I want to get a perspective on where we stand and where we are today, find which threads and parts I will grab hold of now. My goal is to create a fantastic cooperation together with Changemakers Education, Sunderby folkhögskola and the gaming companies. To create a hub in the gaming industry and flag for Boden worldwide.

Emil describes himself as an easy-going, social and a "doer" who gets things done.
Best quote in life: "Do you believe in it much enough you´ll see how often it carries".
Favoritedish: A really good Italian Pizza!
Favoritegame: Call of duty.
Favoritebrand: Nike but admires and believes that Wanderword will be a well-established brand and company.