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Welcome, Swedish Lapland!

Welcome, Swedish Lapland!

Swedish Lapland wants to operate in environments with a strong culture of development and collaboration and therefore chose to establish itself at Boden Business Park.

The Swedish Lapland Visitors Board represents the tourism industry in the northernmost and arctic part of Sweden. The organization's employees promote the sustainable development of the industry throughout the region and manage and market the place brand Swedish Lapland based on the brand promise - Welcome to share our Arctic lifestyle.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?
"We want to work in environments with a strong culture of development and collaboration where it is easy to work with idea sharing. Our dynamic knowledge organization collaborates with both our primary target group the hospitality industry as well as local, regional, national and international stakeholders. WE do it to increase the conditions for the industry's sustainable development, to spread a broader picture of our attractive living environments and to increase the desire to travel to our fantastic region", says Annika Fredriksson, CEO.

"The head office is in Luleå, but we have desk hubs in Kiruna, Piteå and now also in Boden. It contributes both to us being able to do a better job, and to our employees being offered a closer workplace for increased flexibility with the life puzzle. In addition, we reduce our organization's climate impact with fewer work trips." 

What do you have going on?
"Oh lots. Every day, around the clock, we work with digital marketing of the hospitality companies' offer linked to the place brand Swedish Lapland. We hold dialogues with the press and influencers about editorial ideas that turn into articles and films around the world. We make our own brand films based on identity marketing, carry out company surveys before planning restart efforts, run business development processes and conduct webinars for the industry, campaign collaborations with Visit Sweden and train and air operators and much, much more. We work hard and try to ensure that we are at the forefront both nationally and internationally."