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New Holiday Job - Roblox Developer!
Tindra Nilsson and Anastasiia Sjöberg, together with Mattias Bergqvist, CEO Northify.

New Holiday Job - Roblox Developer!

Northify sits in the new Boden Game Club environment at Boden Business Park.
The company was founded in the summer of 2021 and is Sweden's only and first company that works on a daily basis with testing and quality assurance (QA) of games, but also other digital apps and services from companies in the Nordic market. In addition to feedback to customers and bug analyses, a new creative part was added to the company during the spring. They started a bet against Roblox.

Mattias Bergqvist, CEO Northify.

- Today is the first day of summer vacation for many young people, but here it is the first day in a real game studio for our first two holiday workers! During all three periods of the summer, we will have two holiday workers per period who get the chance to see how it works at a game company and to test game creation themselves.

- My hope is that this kind of holiday work can provide motivation and inspiration to our future developers who are still in primary school, but who see the possibility of working with this type of digital creation after their schooling, something that has long been thought to only be possible in our larger cities or abroad. The gaming industry is here now and it's getting bigger and stronger every year.

For those who are not familiar with the gaming giant Roblox, it is today one of the world's largest gaming platforms. In addition to the platform, Roblox themselves have also developed a program that allows their users to create their own games. In the same way that we set up personal profiles on social media, on Roblox you can also create your own avatar to add friends, share games and socialize. Roblox is largely aimed at younger children. The players can chat with each other but there are filters against coarse language. It is possible to regulate who can send messages or invite to games. As of April 2021, Roblox was stated to have 202 million monthly active users.