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YrkesAkademin and Boden Business Park are creating competence centers in green hydrogen

YrkesAkademin and Boden Business Park are creating competence centers in green hydrogen

YrkesAkademin and Boden Business Park are creating competence centers in green hydrogen
H2 Green Steel plans to build the world's largest hydrogen plant in Boden.
Now the YrkesAkademin and Boden Business Park are starting a competence center in green hydrogen with the aim of giving more people the opportunity to work with the industry of the future.

The social change in Boden means that new demands will be placed on the labor market. Both among entrepreneurs and employees. Hydrogen is one of these examples where there will be an expectation from the industry, around a basic understanding of the process and what is required to be able to perform the work in a safe manner.

Therefore, there is also a need to create training in these areas and make them available to more people, and that is exactly what will happen at the competence center via the Boden Business Park and Yrkesakademin (the Vocational Academy).

- We always strive to work together with the best in the industry and here we get an opportunity to do just that. The Vocational Academy gives us the conditions to create training where we can create an understanding of hydrogen so that it becomes as natural as electricity and district heating are today, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden's Business Park.

This week, the EU's social fund granted SEK 1,857,602 to a project run by Yrkedakademin. The project - Green transition - aims to offer skills development efforts in green hydrogen to technicians, operators, production and logistics personnel. Actions that risk being neglected during the pandemic.

The support will now be used to produce educational content, based on the industry's needs and wishes, which will be made available to more people by being offered in digital format. This will also be the starting point for the competence center on hydrogen and the green social transition.

- It is great fun that we at Yrkesakademin get the opportunity to be part of the green transition in the north. Together with Boden Municipality, H2Green Steel, Luleå Municipality and other companies in the region, through the granted ESF project, we will develop accessible education in green hydrogen, says Anna-Carin Herdebrant, Business Area Manager for private and business education at YrkesAkademin.

Among the companies that will have employees and volunteers who will participate in the training efforts are H2 Green Steel, Vattenfall, Rabbalshede Kraft, BDX and Onepartnergroup.

Luleå Business Region is also a partner.

YrkesAkademin has also applied to start a vocational training course - Green hydrogen - application and development - in Boden and Luleå. The training corresponds to vocational training at post-secondary level and includes 60 YH points. The announcement from the Norwegian University of Applied Sciences Authority is expected to come in May.

- It is important that we can make the difficult easy and offer training in the field at other levels, ie university studies, says Anna-Carin Herdebrant.

According to Thomas Fägerman, the closeness to both business and education at Boden Business Park creates optimal conditions for being at the forefront and creating relevant educations that contribute to the green transition of society.

- The fact that YrkesAkademin also offers digital training also means that we become available to more people than if it were a physical training on site, and that is something very good as we want to broaden the knowledge and understanding of green hydrogen, he says.