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Hermelinen is established in Boden - the first step towards increased presence in the region

Hermelinen is established in Boden - the first step towards increased presence in the region

Now it is clear - the company Hermelin takes the step and expands to Boden. When the new meeting place Nybygget at Boden Business Park is completed, Hermelinen will be present as a tenant.

- In a first step we are now establishing a training facility, but the ambition is to also offer other tenants at Boden Business Park, Sävastborna and Bodensarna an entrance into our value chain. It will also be our first attempt into digital health care. With the help of digital aids, we hope to be able to offer Bodensare care solutions at Boden Business Park in a second step, says Per-Erik Mattsson, CEO Hermelinen.

The Hermelin's business in Luleå will continue as usual and it is thus a completely new facility that is expected to be completed during the autumn of 2019 at Boden Business Park. Erik Svensson, CEO of Boden Business Agency, sees the establishment as a milestone in the Park's development.

- We are very happy to welcome Hermelinen to Boden, as the first place of establishment outside Luleå. The Hermelin's unique competencies will give both Bodens municipality and Boden Business Park a further tip, says Erik Svensson and continues:

- The Hermelin's presence becomes another strong argument for tenants, visitors and Sävast's local people to be part of Boden Business Park. After all, we are both a local and international melting pot where different industries and people meet and develop. This places high demands on supply and service. With Hermelin we take a big step in the right direction.

Per-Erik Mattsson completes:

- We have a unique position where we can offer an unbroken chain from the need to treatment, rehabilitation and wellness to then return to a healthy life. In that value chain we now want to add a facility outside Luleå, he explains.

In Luleå, Hermelinen has previously had a large business covering everything from aesthetics, business services, physiotherapy, training and wellness to advanced healthcare and a growing operation operation.

- Boden is an exciting city in development. Investing in Sävast is completely in line with the fact that Hermelinen wants to strengthen his presence in the county. After the repurchase in 2014, one of our goals is to be a community player who is involved in developing the region in which we operate. Per-Erik Mattsson.

Per-Erik Mattsson, CEO Hermelinen
+46 70-676 34 75

Erik Svensson, CEO of Boden Business Agency
+46 70 629 73 15

About Hermelinen

Since 1990, Hermelinen has combined cutting-edge expertise in five areas of activity in a unique unbroken value chain - from the need to treatment, rehabilitation and wellness.

Physical therapy that with high availability helps treated healthcare patients to sustainable health or alternatively diagnoses and inserts treatment before health care is necessary. Business service that helps companies to a long-term sustainable work environment through a unique value chain. It contributes to healthier and more profitable companies, while reducing the cost of society. Healthcare that offers general and specialist care and surgery where the customer receives competent care with continuity and personal care in a safe environment. Aesthetics that delivers consultation, treatment and intervention within aesthetics in a modern and quality-assured environment. The range ranges from skin care to surgery, with the goal that the customer will enjoy better with himself. Training, individual and in group. The range spans the journey of life, from babysitting, group training and gym to senior training. The training gives guaranteed effect and constitutes the final and lasting link in the value chain for a healthier life.

Read more at hermelinen.se

About Boden Business Park

Boden Business Park is a municipal-owned company that helps companies establish, develop or expand their business in Boden. The purpose is to create the conditions for the business community to grow and for the Boden municipality to achieve its growth goals. The park is an international melting pot where various industries meet and cross-fertilize, while new types of companies and businesses are growing. There is room for everything from the new and fresh business idea to the big establishment projects - and creative meetings between them.

Read more at bodenbusinesspark.com/en