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Boden – Best in Sweden according to the business life

Boden – Best in Sweden according to the business life

It is the ninth time since 2010 that Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions has conducted a measurement of how satisfied business owners are with the municipalities' service in the exercise of authority.

The survey is based on a satisfied customer index based on survey responses, where the local business community can assess the municipality's exercise of authority in predetermined areas such as fire protection, building permits, land permits, environmental and health protection, food control and serving permits.

Boden gets the highest index of all the municipalities and it is the first time ever that the same municipality holds first place two years in a row.

- Hard and long-term work that clearly shows how highly we value and prioritize the collaboration with our entrepreneurs and our local business community, says Mats Berg, municipal manager and head of business.

One area where the municipality of Boden stands out is building permits, where the index lands at 94. Something that the municipal management sees as particularly important in view of the expansive phase the municipality is in in connection with the green social transition.

- Above all, it is an important signal to many of the external actors who are now increasingly looking here, says Mats Berg.

Even when dealing with serving permits, business owners are satisfied with the municipality of Boden, which is ranked third with the same index as Nacka (2), 93.

At the last measurement, in 2021, Boden also placed at the top with index of 86. It was the first time ever that a municipality from Norrland held first place.

Second in this year's survey was Kalix, which advanced from 14th place in 2021.

Boden Municipality's rating index per service area:

Information: 84
Availability: 88
Treatment: 93
Competence: 90
Legal certainty: 87
Efficiency: 87