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Innovation checks aimed at companies' innovation journey

Innovation checks aimed at companies' innovation journey

At the end of last year, it became clear that Boden Business Park has received the trust from Vinnova to pass on innovation checks to small and medium-sized companies. The purpose of the checks is to strengthen the innovation capacity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies.

The checks can pay for external expertise in three different areas; business development, infrastructure and intangible assets. Limited companies and economic associations that are in an innovation phase have the chance to be awarded innovation checks of up to SEK 100,000 and infrastructure checks of up to SEK 400,000.

- It is a fantastic opportunity that we have been given to be able to support companies together in their innovation journey, says Michaela Strömberg, business developer, Boden Business Park.

The checks are conveyed via selected intermediaries in Sweden, which include Piteå Science Park, Arctic Business, Luleå Science Park, Boden Business Park and Skellefteå Science City. For more information about the innovation checks, contact the intermediary in your locality.

- Via Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, we now give the chance to small and medium-sized companies in Norrbotten to innovate smartly for increased growth, says Tore Johnsson, CEO, Luleå Science Park.

The work on preparation and decisions is expected to start now during the month of March and then continue during 2022.

Contact person in Boden:

Michaela Strömberg
business developer, Boden Business Park