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Future Games QA education reaches the next level

Future Games QA education reaches the next level

Boden is today the northernmost place for the gaming industry in Sweden. Through the Boden Game Camp ecosystem, completely new opportunities are created for people to get involved in the game industry, with all that it entails in terms of game and web development, and at the same time create a life for themselves in northern Sweden.

Students from Sweden and all over the world come here to Norrbotten for education with good conditions for a career in a future digital industry. In our premises, there are 200 students distributed among a folk high school education, five YH educations and a high school education.

Sweden's only game tester education is accepting new students in the fall. On Tuesday, the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education granted three more academic years in Boden.

"We are very happy that Futuregames gets to keep Sweden's only game tester education, it will be a core for building a QA hub here in Boden", says Emil Sandberg, Business Developer at Boden Business Park/Boden Game Camp.

At Boden Business Park there is some accommodation, companies that offer internships and, in addition, some students have also got jobs at some of the established game studios after completing their education. A studio, Northify, which was founded in the summer of 2021 and works with testing and quality assurance (QA) of above all games, looks positively on the extension of the education.

"The continuation of the QA training at Boden Game Camp shows that the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education has a great understanding of the industry's needs and a confidence in what we are building. The goal with Northify is to be the Nordics' leading QA company in the gaming industry, and to succeed, a QA education is hugely important! Now we can continue to work forward and offer even more students internships and work opportunities in the coming years, which is hugely fun and exactly what we strive to do", says Mattias Bergqvist, CEO of Northify and business developer at Boden Business Park/Boden Game Camp.

"It's a terribly fun education, not quite what I expected because it's more fun than I thought. It is very varied, we have cases where companies reach out to us for help with play testing. Then what we do depends on the courses, if it's honest playtesting, they're basically about bug reporting. Right now we are doing regression testing and then it is more feedback to bugs so this is something different from what we are used to, now we go into detail level in how a game should be in the form of movements for example and confirm those functions. So it's very detailed and it's reported in a different way. So we have many different ways and different angles for how we deal with quality assurance."

"We have also worked with Usability testing to expand, which included something called User Research. There you may not test yourself, but then we invite other testers and then we make a scientific report in which we examine the game. With User Research we meet another market and there we basically write a scientific report where we test games and then confirm various theses. Theses are then what we think might be difficult before a game and then we investigate and confirm whether it is correct based on what the test subjects showed or appreciated", says Gustav Lundh, Student at QA Futuregames in Boden.

Boden Game Camp is an integral part of Boden Business Park, a collaboration together with Sunderby Folkhögskola and Changemaker Educations.