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BODENXT - Smart & green

BODENXT - Smart & green

Now bodenxt.se has been launched, a brand new site where news, project information and films relating to Boden's social transformation are collected.

Boden is facing a historic green societal transition. In just two to three years, Boden will grow and develop to a degree that corresponds to a step of 15-20 years. H2 Green Steel's establishment in Boden is an important accelerator, and Boden municipality has shifted gears to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Now something new, green and smart is being created that will last for many generations to come. It is about everything from planning new sustainable residential areas where people want to live and live to building infrastructure, preschools and schools, attracting competence to the region and developing both people and business.

Bodenxt.se is for you who want to follow the green transition of society up close. Perhaps you are part of the business world and want to be involved and contribute to investments around the biggest challenges of our time. Maybe you're from Boden and want to know more about everything that's happening around here. Or maybe just curious about the trip. Regardless of who you are, we hope you want to join us and hand over a slightly greener world to future generations.

Visit the website here: BODENXT - Smart & green

The website bodenxt.se has been developed by Boden municipality's communication unit in collaboration with EZ Web. Do you have a news tip that would fit well on bodenxt.se? Email komm@boden.se.