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Regional final in School Hackathon in Minecraft
Elever från årskurs 6 från Mårängsskolan som tävlade i regionsfinalen.

Regional final in School Hackathon in Minecraft

Yesterday the regional winners of the Minecraft School Hackathon were announced! As part of a pilot initiative, students from different schools in Boden Municipality competed. The students were faced with the task of creating "Mineköping 2071" in Minecraft and a total of 2000 students from Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Stockholm participated.

One purpose of the school hackathon has been for the students to feel participation in social issues and at the same time learn more about innovation, democracy and entrepreneurship. Since eight weeks ago, students in year 6 have been assigned as a class assignment to build a common world in Minecraft Education. At the end of these weeks, the students have presented their work to the class and then democratically voted for a group that represented them today at the regional school hackathon. During Monday, the finalists for each class were tasked with creating a new city.

The city, which is called Mineköping, takes place in the year 2071. Mineköping is a city with social and sustainable energy supply, food supply and meeting places. How this should look and function, yes, the students had to shape and figure it out all by themselves!

The final and the jury for the regional final, which has started from Teknikens Hus, have digitally received the students' contributions and appointed a winner. The prize for the winners will be a visit for the whole class to Boden Business Park, where they can meet game developers and learn more about visualization and gamification. The finalists will also be seated at the Boden Game Camp Incubator when they later compete in the national finals.

Emil Sandberg, Business Developer at Boden Game Camp/Boden Business Park, sat in the jury group.

"The students have demonstrated and exceeded my expectations of the technical knowledge in combination with the visual. We have seen many fine solutions for a more sustainable society. It is extremely important that this activity continues in the courses as you can combine several subjects into one and carry out learning through games. Today, we have a large supply of digital tools that accelerate pedagogy and make school subjects more graspable, where Boden must be first in line and make use of this."

After a challenging deliberation for the jury, the Norrbotten Svartbjörnsbyn School grade 6 was crowned as the winner. The students who represented the class are Thor Winblad von Walter, Erik Karlsson and Eliot Ahlström. The jury's reasoning was:

"Well-motivated detailed solutions in their entirety were presented in a convincing manner where you really believe in your solutions and sell them. Have described and justified each solution. It is positive that they thought about the meeting place of the future and with social and innovative solutions. Dragon boats and well, detailed energy solutions."

In second place came Mårängskolan 6C and third place went to Mårängskolan 6A. The School Hackathon concept has been developed by Technichus - Härnösand, Ung Företagsamhet Västerbotten and Bron Innovation. The regional final in Norrbotten was arranged by Ung Företagsamhet Norrbotten and Teknikens Hus in collaboration with Boden Business Park, which was also the main sponsor. Now awaits the large regional final where the counties are pitted against each other!

For questions and concerns regarding the School Hackathon:

Ewa Andersson, ewa.andersson@teknikenshus.se, 072-644 15 03 Carolina Heimdahl, carolina.heimdahl@ungforetagsamhet.se, 070-214 39 02 Emil Sandberg, emil@bodenbusinesspark.se, 070-280 40 92