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Congratulations, Petterssons!
Michaela Strömberg and Jörgen Nordqvist together with Mattias Westberg.

Congratulations, Petterssons!

Petterssons Charkuteri celebrates 25 years in Boden! Our business developers Michaela Strömberg and Jörgen Nordqvist greeted the company with cake.

But the food craft and tradition started with Bror-Axel Pettersson already in 1933 in Luleå.

The sausage manufacturer Mattias Westberg (pictured) is the grandson of Bror-Axel Pettersson and started in the company after high school, with a break for, among other things, studies for a master's degree in industrial economics. He has been back for three years and so far it has been about ten years in the industry. The company also employs Mattas' son, who is a fourth-generation charcuterie artist.

Here are some of the highlights from recent times:
• Swedish champions in charcuterie-SM.
• The charcuterie master Jerker Jansson begins a collaboration with the company.
• New partners in Frank Eldin and Lotta Boström who add a long experience from the industry.
Extended and extended agreements with the municipalities of Boden and Luleå as well as some central agreements that provide a good basis for increasing total sales going forward while maintaining gross profit.

Petterssons Charkuteri is an enabler for new companies as it offers contract manufacturing of exclusive products to all levels of companies, you welcome collaborations with everything from individual companies to limited companies. Through this concept, more people can develop sustainable, climate-smart products such as natural pasture meat.