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New record year for the computer game industry
Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

New record year for the computer game industry

Today, the Computer Games industry's report Game Developer Index 2021 was presented. It shows that the Swedish computer game industry has increased sales by an incredible 41 percent in 2020 - to SEK 34.7 billion. This means an increase of more than SEK 10 billion.

The industry also reports a total positive result for the twelfth year in a row of SEK 7.6 billion.

In 2020, the number of employees in Sweden increased by 11 percent, which is an increase of 671 employees. Every fifth job at a gaming company in the country, 1,410, is held by a woman. This corresponds to a share of just over 21 percent.

Swedish gaming companies are growing and employing 6,596 people on site in Sweden and 7,177 people abroad. As in previous years, it is still difficult to recruit staff in Sweden and an increasing part of Swedish companies' expansion consists of establishing or acquiring development studios abroad.

Mattias Bergqvist is a business developer at Boden Business Park:
- The Swedish gaming industry continues its tremendous journey of success this year as well and the report is full of astonishing figures. If you look at the challenges the industry faces, the lack of skills is the biggest challenge and therefore our investment in making Boden a talent factory continues to be just right.

There are 19 Swedish companies listed on the stock exchange in Sweden. Together, they had sales of SEK 20.5 billion in 2020 and had a total market capitalization of SEK 112 billion in December 2020.

Read the full report here! (In Swedish)