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Changemaker Education's investment in Boden continues
Per Myrén, Head of development, and Tom Löyche, CEO of Changemaker Educations AB.

Changemaker Education's investment in Boden continues

In the autumn of 2017, Changemaker Educations started the first game education at Boden Gamecamp. Today, they run seven educations in different areas in Sävast - and the investment in Boden continues.

It started with a phone call in 2014. It was Stina Almkvist, then project manager for Creative Nodes - a meeting place for creative industries in Norrbotten, who wondered if Changemaker Educations did not want to be involved in creating a gaming industry in the north. The first contact was made in July, in August a workshop was held in Luleå where both the industry and the public sector were involved. Two applications were then sent in to start polytechnic educations in the field of gamification - how to use games and game methods in other contexts. However, both were later rejected.

- It was not so unexpected really, there was no gaming industry then, says Per Myrén, Head of development at Changemaker Educations.

But the then rector of Sunderby Folk High School, Anders Öberg, returned to Per Myrén. Couldn't you do something anyway? It was a twelve-week summer course in 2015 and the beginning of a journey that took the gaming industry to Norrbotten and Boden.

But how did the game educations end up in Sävast? A folk high school does not have to take into account the needs of the industry in the same way as a Higher Vocational Education, but can control more itself. Changemaker Educations, which has run Higher Vocational Educations in games since 2002, wanted to start an education in a professional professional environment - the closer to companies the better. In the autumn of 2016, talks began between Sunderby Folk High School and Boden's Development, which saw the possibility of creating a cluster. There were vacant premises here and Sävast and Boden Business Park were tech-oriented even then.

The entire Changemaker Educations on site in Boden during the autumn of 2021.

In the autumn of 2017, the two-year vocational training Indiespelutvecklare started, the first of its kind in Sweden. The education is a collaborative project between Boden's Development, Changemaker Education and Sunderby Folk High School, where the latter is the principal.

- Our educations must be in a place close to companies. Therefore, we are happy that both folk high school and polytechnic educations are now available at Boden Business Park. It gives a completely different dynamic on which our thinking is based, says Per Myrén.

Four years later, Changemaker Educations also runs the Higher Vocational Educations Game Artist, Game Designer, Game Programmer and QA / Game tests at Boden Gamecamp at Boden Business Park. Here is also the Higher Vocational Education Web developer e-commerce which is conducted remotely.

- This is a really good development. This shows that the municipality of Boden, Sunderby Folk High School and the Agency for Polytechnics are investing in supporting regional development in the area. We see education as an obvious engine in that development. What we have done with the gaming industry, we are now investing in helping to repeat in other areas in Boden, says Tom Löyche, CEO of Changemaker Educations AB.

Thomas Fägerman is CEO and business developer at Boden Business Park.

- It is gratifying to work with those who are the best in the industry. Changemaker Educations and Futuregames have been consistently ranked as one of the best gaming educations in the world. It is important to find good friends and important to be able to be persistent.

Changemaker Education team in Boden. Lina Ekström Morin, Andrew Allen, Oskar Pettersson and Susanna Goldkuhl Tegnevall.

In the autumn of 2021, the hospitality industry education Arctic Hospitality Leader started. The Higher Vocational Education is linked to the hospitality industry and its experiences in Swedish Lapland and is carried out in close collaboration with companies in the region. In connection with the start of the hospitality education, Changemaker AB bought the traditional Peetgården in Sävast. Per Myrén sees Peetgården as an extension of the education. Lina Ekström Morin is the training leader at Arctic Hospitality Leader, but also operationally responsible and will run Peetgården.

- We want to be able to combine Peetgården with the education, that the students get to work with Peetgården as a case. It is an important place for Boden, says Per Myrén.

How do you see the future of Changemaker Education in Boden?

- We have 180 students, Boden Gamecamp wants to grow to 700. We will be a big part of that growth and that is a challenge in itself. We must apply for the YH educations and argue for them, says Per Myrén.

By the autumn of 2022, three completely new Higher Vocational Educations have been applied for in various areas such as circular economy, food and international cultural production.

- There we see that we can continue to work with skills development in the region, not only in games but also digitalisation and other exciting areas of development.

During the autumn, Changemaker AB bought the traditional Peetgården in Sävast.

Changemaker Educations builds on the Higher Vocational Education Arctic Hospitality Leader, and has applied to start the Higher Vocational Education Mathantverkare by the autumn of 2022.

- Peetgården is a completely new business area and we have seen how many years it has taken to build up the gaming industry. The hospitality industry is a fantastic area to work with. It will be one of my main focus, how I can develop that part with leadership, digitization and different food parts.

- Peetgården will go around and develop, we hope to be able to build a team of three or four people who can work full time with it. There will be a connection to games, experiences, the hospitality industry and digitalisation, says Per Myrén, Head of development at Changemaker Educations.

Thomas Fägerman, CEO and business developer at Boden Business Park, welcomes Changemaker AB as the new owner of Peetgården.

- It is with confidence that I look forward to a development of the business that is planned based on the experience they have in the experience industry in combination with a strong local foundation, he says.