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Welcome, Skylite!
Mattias Lindström and Therese Samuelsson.

Welcome, Skylite!

The business climate and establishment growth in Boden attracted Skylite to Boden Business Park. The IT company has now rented its coworking space and is one of around 55 companies on our premises.

Skylite is a local IT company with about 30 consultants in Luleå and Piteå.

The company consists of three companies:

  • Skylite AB, which works with IT infrastructure, ie sales of IT products and IT services.
  • Skylite Affärsutveckling AB, which works with project management and business development.
  • Skylite Connect AB, which works with digital meeting places where the company builds conference facilities designed for digital meetings and most of the digital audio and video.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?
- We choose to establish an office at Boden Business Park to be close to Boden Business Park as a customer, and close to other customers in the Boden area. The business climate and establishment growth feels exciting in Boden, where Skylite wants to be involved in delivering our services and benefits, says Mattias Lindström, CEO of Skylite AB.

What are you up to?
- In all three Skylite companies, a lot is going on right now. All companies have gained a number of new exciting customers that we have started working with now after the pandemic, which feels great.