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Welcome, Northify!
Mattias Bergqvist is CEO of the game testing company Northify.

Welcome, Northify!

The game testing company Northify saw an opportunity to build up the Nordic QA hub in Boden. The proximity to relevant expertise made the company choose to establish itself at Boden Business Park.

Northify was founded in the summer of 2021 and works with testing and quality assurance (QA) of primarily games, but also other digital apps and services from companies in the Nordic market.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?
- We primarily chose to establish ourselves at Boden Business Park due to two reasons. The first reason is that the Higher Vocational Education QA / Game Tester is conducted at Boden Gamecamp and is the only pure education in Sweden that focuses on QA for games, which means that our recruitment base will thankfully largely be on the floor under our office, says Mattias Bergqvist, CEO.

- The second reason is that we saw the opportunity to build up the Nordic QA hub in Boden with an influx of talent from the education and the fact that the other local gaming companies also offered internships and employment to graduate students, which means that a large part of the competence will stay in the area. This means that even though our goal is to be the largest local QA company on site, the other companies will also take advantage of the talent that the graduate students offer and together create even more value that makes the investment greater as a whole than our company will contribute. There is also a large gap in the market of Swedish and Nordic companies that offer QA in games and we intend to take advantage of that opportunity.

What are you up to?
- We have worked with some local and regional gaming companies as the first project when the company started operationally at the end of August. However, we have already received inquiries from some of the larger Swedish companies with whom we are having discussions. Then we are also looking for an experienced person who can lead the QA work and build the structures we need to ensure the quality of the work we do. Our goal is to be 15 employees before the end of next year and in 7-8 years the company can have up to 100 employees at Boden Gamecamp.