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The business climate in Boden is climbing to a new peak

The business climate in Boden is climbing to a new peak

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's annual survey on the business climate was published on Wednesday and Boden continues to climb up the national rankings.

With an improvement of as many as 22 places (from place 90 to place 68), Boden enters as the only Norrbotten municipality on the top 100 list. It is through the business community's own national interest organization that the image of Boden as a municipality with good conditions for entrepreneurship is strengthened. For a series of years, the municipality of Boden has worked strategically to strengthen and develop cooperation with Boden's entrepreneurs and the local business community in the long term.

- It is incredibly fun to see that the municipality of Boden's conscious work to strengthen the business climate has such a clear impact. The success is a result of many people's everyday work in meeting the needs of the business community, regardless of their role in the municipality. Strengthened by the success, we are now taking new steps to reach our goal of reaching the top 50 in Sweden, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park.

- It is gratifying that we are approaching our goal of reaching the top 50 in Sweden and we know that we can reach all the way there. In Boden, we have together succeeded in creating a strong dialogue between the municipality, our entrepreneurs and many more. The corporate culture we develop is a success factor in the extensive industrial and social transformation we have now entered into, says Claes Nordmark, municipal councilor.

Every year, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise measures more than 30,000 companies' experiences of running companies in their municipalities. The answers from the survey provide a picture of how the business climate is perceived by companies. The answers are then added together with five statistical factors to a ranking that makes it possible to compare Sweden's 290 municipalities.

- It is hard and determined work that now gives results and it is extra positive and gratifying that we see a positive development both in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise's survey and in SKR's insight survey. At the same time, we are humble and see areas where we can get better to further improve the business climate here in Boden. It can be about everything from skills development initiatives to increased understanding of the business community, so that we can continue to deliver high service to our existing companies and the new establishments that we see coming, says Mats Berg, municipal and business manager.