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Welcome, OnePartnerGroup!

Welcome, OnePartnerGroup!

A lot is going on in Boden and OnePartnerGroup therefore saw it as a matter of course to open offices here as well. The chance for spontaneous meetings and contacts meant that the recruitment and staffing company chose to establish itself at Boden Business Park.

OnePartnerGroup is a Swedish-owned group that offers companies help with recruitment, staffing, training and smart production solutions. They operate in about 50 locations in Sweden and have over 2,500 employees. OnePartnerGroup is a complete supplier of expertise in both the professional and white-collar sectors.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?
- To be a part of Boden Business Park felt natural. We are the most local recruitment and staffing company and then it is obvious to have an office in Boden where so much is happening right now. We only see the advantages of being at Boden Business Park, that you sit next to each other and sometimes desk in desk with all types of companies and businesses makes the working day so much more interesting. The chance for spontaneous meetings and contacts is greater than in most other offices and this is something we have especially longed for now during the pandemic.

What are you up to?
- In addition to the fact that we have just moved to BBP, we are also about to change offices in Luleå and we are currently starting up offices in Skellefteå as well. Right now we see an increased need for our types of services. When businesses kick off after the pandemic, many quickly notice that you need to recruit - especially if it is more qualified skills that can be difficult to obtain - or take help from staffing solutions - if you see a temporary work stoppage coming or you have sick leave / parental leave.
- In addition, we have a lot of exciting, larger investments up here where our help will be needed. Therefore, we have expanded our presence in Norr- and Västerbotten and we look forward to a packed autumn where we can help our customers with everything that has to do with skills supply.

The picture shows Johan Söderlind, Johanna Jönsson, Peter Nilsson Sandlund and Ulrika Andersson.