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Fantastic ideas take place in the game incubator Next

Fantastic ideas take place in the game incubator Next

Earlier this year, Next - Norrland's first game incubator was launched and now it is clear which the winning game ideas are that will take place. The interest in the first intake has been great and the ideas presented were so high that an extra idea was adopted.
- We knew that there were many good game ideas out there, but that they were as good as it turned out, we had never dared to hope for. We now have three companies with enormous potential, says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

On Monday, the three gaming companies will sit down at Boden Business Park and they have until May next year to create a game that will be launched on the world market. Each incubator company receives a grant for a marketing budget, SEK 25,000 in scholarships and office space and equipment to a value of SEK 45,000. To support their development, there are senior mentors from the gaming industry.

Ann-Louise Jonsson is behind one of the ideas that has been adopted.
- It feels exciting, incomprehensible and terrifying! I had practiced and put my soul into the pitch, which paid off. So far I am alone in the team, but I am actively recruiting.

The game she presented is about a messenger, who must defy an untamed wilderness. To her aid she has only her loyal companion; the horse. Together, the two must deliver the important bids against ever-increasing dangers.
- I hope and believe that the incubator program will give me the time and support I need to get started, so that I can continue without support wheels when the year is over.

Fynn Thorell and his team consist of three people from Boden with experience from previous projects and a burning passion for game creation. The idea they pitched is a relaxing adventure game with metroidvania aspects, and with a lot of inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon.
- It feels really fun, and very exciting! We hope to gain further experience and advice from people in the industry through Next, and finally found our own studio with the current project as our first official title.

The third game idea that came in consists of a team of students from the Indie game developer education at Boden Gamecamp who pitched a 2D adventure that allows the player to travel on the border between two worlds.
- We are very happy to have the opportunity to join the gaming incubator Next. What we hope for is that the incubator gives us the opportunity to get the support we need to complete the game, says Jens Sundqvist.

The gaming incubator Next is financed together by Sparbanken Nord, Längmanska entrepreneurship fund and Region Norrbotten.

Through Next, Boden Business Park wants to put Norrbotten and Boden on the big map in the gaming industry. The meeting place is built based on the challenges and opportunities that the Computer Games industry and Norrbotten have.
- With our large investment in games, we enable more people to work, live and live in Norrbotten, says Emil Sandberg, business developer at Boden Business Park.