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Now we grow green in Verkstan

Now we grow green in Verkstan

Can you grow all year round in Norrbotten? We at Boden Business Park want to test this - and the first seeds have been planted in our mini-greenhouse.

Through Boden Business Park and Boden Business Agency, Boden's municipality cooperates with the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of the collaboration is to promote a holistic view of energy use and promote future development of industry, primarily in IT-related industries and food production. One way is to take advantage of the waste heat from data centers.

Together with Grönska stadsodling, we at Boden Business Park have set up a small greenhouse in Verkstan as a test. Grönska stadsodling has delivered greenhouses and seeds and through a web-based system, operational support is managed.
- We make sure that anyone gets green fingers. As locally grown as you can get and also fresh crops every day. This is part of the future food supply and part of reducing transport. It is incredibly fun that Boden Business Park is exploring tomorrow's solutions and we are happy that they are doing this with us, says Robin Lee, CEO of Grönska stadsodling.

The greenhouse consists of five floors and here you will find crisp salad, shisrocasse, basil, thyme and parsley.
- It is exciting, says Joachim Palmgren who is the chef at the restaurant Torget and takes care of the greenhouse.

As a chef, he hopes that there will be so much salad that it will be enough for the restaurant's burgers. Basil is also something that is used a lot in the kitchen. If there is good speed on the cultivation, the idea is to sell herbs in the restaurant.

To a large extent, the greenhouse takes care of itself. Joachim Palmgren puts seeds in the small soil pucks. Once every half hour, the greenhouse detects if water is needed. The automatic system also handles the supply of nutrients and PH regulation.

The small greenhouse in the workshop is a demo of what it could look like if you scale it up.
- We want to show ourselves and the people of Boden that it is possible to grow all year round up here, says Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park.