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Next create - for you who are curious about game creation

Next create - for you who are curious about game creation

Are you curious about game creation? Then Next create at Boden Business Park is the place for you.

The meeting place Next consists of two parts. An incubator section with ten places where those who are admitted to the 12-month program get help with taking their game to market. There is also a create section with 16 places for people who are curious about game development.
- Next is about everything from creating a meeting place for those who do not attend training or work at a gaming company today, to those who want to realize their idea and start their own gaming company, says Emil Sandberg, business developer at Boden Business Park.

Admission to the first incubator program closed in May.
In August, Next create starts at Boden Business Park. At least once a month, free activities will be arranged for those interested in gaming at the top of the Workshop.
- We want to show young people who live in the area that this actually exists. We have started at the far end of the world and the last thing we do is try to convert those who live close by. To make people here see that this opportunity and the industry exists, says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

The basic idea with Next create is that it should be inclusive. If you are curious about game creation, this is the place for you. You or someone you know may be interested in something creative, but have not understood that it can be part of a game. Maybe you like to draw, write, work with sound or play role-playing games?
- Many people start by playing role-playing games and then you realize that it's really like designing a game even though it's alive, says Mattias Bergqvist.

Next create is open to all ages and starts in August. There will be game jams where you get the chance to create games, workshops and try-out activities. There will be on-site tutoring in different genres.
- Regardless of whether you are seven years old and like to draw or if you are 63 years old and want to learn more about programming - everyone is welcome, says Mattias Bergqvist.

Fia Tjernberg works as an independent game director and will be a mentor to those who have been admitted to Next's incubator. She has previously worked with both creative and technical vision and leadership and, among other things, organized game jams for children aged 9-12 years. She believes that it is vital to have your own hobby. That it creates very strong bonds between people and teaches us understanding and empathy for each other's different interests. We are often caught up in hobbies early in life and continue to develop them.
- A hobby can include creation, sports, learning, relaxation or play - and the great thing is that games and game development contain all those things at the same time. There are no restrictions on what games can be about and there are no restrictions on who wants to play or create a game.
- It is a gateway to a whole world of new hobbies, such as writing, programming, art and thousands of different special interests where the focus is on practice and not on results. Indulging in games gives a strength to keep the child within us alive for the rest of their life.

Next is a three-year project that is financed together with Sparbanken Nord - Framtidsbanken, Längmanska entrepreneurship fund and Region Norrbotten.

Erika Mattson is Head of Sustainability and Society at Sparbanken Nord.
- We annually set aside money for development for the place we live and work at. Supporting the growth of a varied business life and investing in a new industry for the region therefore feels completely right, also in the developing environment that Boden Business Park has created for an interesting and attractive industry for young people.

Through Next, Boden Business Park wants to put Norrbotten and Boden on the big map in the gaming industry. The meeting place is built based on the challenges and opportunities that the Computer Games industry and Norrbotten have.
- With the investment, we ensure that we create opportunities for more people to work, live and work in Norrbotten, says Emil Sandberg.

The concept will also help the gaming industry to become more equal.
- We want to show both that there are role models for girls in games and that there is a future, which can make you continue. That the opportunity to release their game on the market exists, says Emil Sandberg.

Stay up to date by checking out bodengamecamp.com, where there will be a Google calendar so you can easily see what's going on.

Photo: Mats Engfors / Fotographic