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I want to prove that it is possible to make exciting horse games for adults

"I want to prove that it is possible to make exciting horse games for adults"

Ann-Louise Jonsson has had her game idea for 20 years. As one of three accepted companies for the gaming incubator Next, she now has the chance to make her gaming dream come true.

Her team today consists of four people. The German programmer and developer Patrick Rotter that Ann-Louise Jonsson got in touch with during the Nordic Game Conference recently, the American community and marketing manager Nathaniel McAfee who she knew for many years and concept artist Joel Wennerholm who she found through a mutual acquaintance. Ann-Louise Jonsson herself is a 3D artist, developer and many other roles.
- We also have a freelance author, Henrik Kanbjer, who will help us in some ways. We are currently negotiating with another 3D artist, and are looking for another programmer and a sound designer, says Ann-Louise Jonsson.

Ann-Louise Jonsson has had the idea for the game that the team will develop for 20 years. It has changed and matured over the years, but the core is the same. The game is about a messenger and her horse, who together must defy the wilderness to deliver various commandments against ever-increasing dangers.
- Basically, it is a story about grief and loss, and about moving on afterwards. This takes place in an early medieval fantasy environment that is largely undeveloped by humanity.

Since the late 90's, Ann-Louise Jonsson has been looking for horse games with exciting content, but without finding anything.
- Especially not if you are looking for games that are single player. There is usually the same boring content in them, with a total lack of adventure.
- I want to change that and prove that it is certainly possible to make exciting horse games, for adults, and they do not have to be about mocha stables, feeding horses and riding around in a volt. We like visually strong game worlds with equally strong stories that touch, so that's what we're going to create here.

What are your expectations for Next?
- We hope and believe that the incubator program will give us in the team the time and support we need to get started in a good way. So that then, when the year is over, we can just roll on and feel secure in our decisions.

What will the gaming industry in Boden look like in five years?
- I can not say about that, but there is at least one more successful game studio here then!