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Great interest in the game educations

Great interest in the game educations

The search pressure for this autumn's game training at Boden Gamecamp has been high. For one of the new YH educations, 253 applicants are now fighting for 15 places.
- We decided early on that our method of creating a gaming industry in Boden largely rested on getting talent to Boden and therefore it is with great pleasure that we note that the search pressure increases exponentially for each year, says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

This autumn, five YH educations, a folk high school education and a high school education at Boden Gamecamp at Boden Business Park will start - and there has been great interest in the educations. For two of the new YH educations in game development, the interest has been extra great. Game programs with ten places received 60 applications and 30 registrations of interest and Game artist with 15 places received a total of 253 applications and 91 registrations of interest. In total, almost a thousand people have shown interest in the educations in Boden.

- The fact that this year we have almost a thousand people who are interested in our educations means that we have great confidence in our long-term goal which is to have a thousand people in place at Boden Business Park who study or work with games within five years, says Mattias Bergqvist, business developer at Boden Business Park.

With a large number of applicants, the quality of the educations is also raised.

- We strive to generate a high-quality education that becomes attractive to the market. With the interest and the number of applications, we can now take the next step in raising the quality of the educations, says Emil Sandberg, the business developer at Boden Business Park.

An increased investment in communication resources and new ways of working has yielded results.

- This year we really see the result of the fact that together with the municipality of Boden we have reached the right channels to the right target groups when we showed our educational offer, as everything has been done digitally during the past year, says Mattias Bergqvist.

In 2017, the municipality of Boden started the work of establishing a gaming industry. This created the Boden Gamecamp brand, which is a hub and a completely unique ecosystem for the computer game industry in Boden. The investment has led to a growing number of gaming companies establishing themselves and their operations at Boden Business Park.