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Welcome, Vikmax

Welcome, Vikmax

Boden Business Park is constantly changing and currently there are about 50 companies in our premises. Now we welcome another company as Vikmax has recently established itself with us in Sävast.

Vikmax started its operations in 2016. The company has to some extent been dormant for the past two years due to illness, but since the turn of the year, Vikmax has been running again.

The main activity is events that are done in collaboration with various sports and motor clubs in the county. Among other things, Vikmax has carried out Swedish Championships, European Championships and World Championships in snowmobile cross. Earlier this year, the Swedish Championships in stadium cross were held at Boden Arena. Vikmax has also conducted a number of watercross competitions in the county with SM and EC status.

Why did you choose to establish yourself at Boden Business Park?
- In recent years, I have seen that Boden Business Park is developing all the time, and is the place in Boden where it happens. I think I have the opportunity to find new contacts / companies that can be involved in upcoming exciting projects.

What are you up to?
- There are always new projects in your head, but when you do not really know what can be implemented, it feels a bit tricky. What is in the tank this summer is a watercross competition at the end of the summer. Then the idea is to do a beach handball tournament in collaboration with BBK handball.

- Next winter, a major motorsport event is planned. This in collaboration with NMS where stadium cross at Boden Arena and the Swedish Championships in rally are included. The idea is also to do more competitions this weekend / week and also to have a major artist in connection with the event.