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Boden Business Park gathers expertise

Boden Business Park gathers expertise

A meeting place for people and companies with innovative and creative ideas. At Boden Business Park, contemporary and future stars gather, with Boden Gamecamp and Filmpool Nord, a restaurant, hotel and many other businesses that make Boden Business Park Norrland's largest living room.

Boden Business Park has gone from about 30 people to 300 since the start, and the expansion just continues. Boden's journey from a city of white-collar workers to an innovative industrial city has gone faster than anyone could have imagined. But how did it start? Thomas Fägerman, CEO of Boden Business Park, says:
- Boden is a small town that has traditionally been a city of civil servants, with the Armed Forces and a hospital but without its own industry. When you then put down the defense and moved the hospital, what was left then? Not so much. And it was then, a bit into the 21st century, that people began to think. What should we do? What assets do we have? How do we find the conditions for a new business life? That's where the journey began.

It turned out that there were plenty of wise and innovative ideas. With the growing need for digitalisation and data centers, it was realized that Boden had a strategically excellent location for this type of electricity-intensive business.
- If there is one thing we have good access to here, it is electricity, something that data centers are in great need of. There was also an infrastructure with buildings and so on, after the Armed Forces and the hospital were closed down.

In 2010, offensive work was launched to attract new industries to Boden or, as Thomas Fägerman says, take the world to Boden. Today, the closed defense city has been transformed into an open municipality that welcomes investors from both Sweden and abroad.
- With the work, we also realized that we needed access to land and electricity and also fast decision-making processes. There we had an advantage, thanks to the fact that Boden is a small and well-organized municipality. We can make quick decisions, which makes it easier for companies and businesses that want to establish themselves, in parallel with us creating conditions for buildable land, says Thomas Fägerman.

That's how Plug and Play was born. The area of ​​about 70 hectares, which previously belonged to AF1, Norrbotten's army aviation battalion had first been sold to private contractors, but now the municipality bought back the area and began planning it for, among other things, data centers. There is a sustainable infrastructure here, with, for example, renewable electricity and vehicle gas production based on food waste. The material is recycled and energy is extracted. Old investments and knowledge are combined with the energy symbiosis.
- It is about going from isolated investments to linking them together in industrial areas that will enable establishments for new companies, something that also coincides with society's needs in general. When we get waste heat from electricity-intensive industry, we are constantly working to reuse it. We are building a new, smart ecosystem and have become a node up here on the North Calotte, says Thomas Fägerman.

In parallel with Plug and Play, the Boden Business Park was developed to take companies to Boden and make Boden ready for the world. Five years ago, the then Skapa, now Boden Business Park, led a dwindling existence. The corporate hotel that was built for the IT industry during the mid / late 1990s flourished and needed to be expanded in stages.

This was followed by a period of relocation and when the buildings were taken over and Boden Business Park was created five years ago, they housed a handful of companies with around 30 employees. Today, there are just over 50 companies and 300 people come daily to Boden Business Park to work or study.

Today, Boden Business Park is a modern meeting place that enables people and companies to meet, socialize and exchange ideas. Here are nice modern office spaces and co-working surfaces that create meetings and attract people with strong ideas, not least in the gaming industry with Boden Gamecamp as an integral part of the park.

With everything under one roof - hotel, restaurant, conference facilities - Boden Business Park has become Norrland's largest living room for innovation and creativity.
- Both the pandemic and the environment demand that we become more resource efficient and sustainable. Boden Business Park is a way to gather expertise for both production and development work and we have collaborations with many other actors, including universities and vocational schools. A decisive factor in making this possible is that there has been a political agreement to go in this direction. It is a great strength, concludes Thomas Fägerman.