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Management team ready for the new tourism education

Management team ready for the new tourism education

Tourism in Swedish Lapland has grown strongly over the past ten years. This autumn, the 1.5-year long Higher Vocational Education Arctic Hospitality Leader will start, which will be carried out in direct collaboration with the hospitality industry in the region. Now the management team for the education in Boden is ready.

It consists, among other things, of representatives from the business community and industry organizations. The management group for Arctic Hospitality Leader includes Britta Jonsson Lindvall, Treehotel, Lars Lindberg, Regional Manager Företagarna Norrbotten, Rikard Westerberg, Swedish Lapland and Fredrik Broman, Arctic Getaways.
- There is a commitment, a great breadth and a great competence, says Fredrik Broman.
- We are a broad crowd. Everything from the CEO at Elite Hotel Luleå to me who has an outdoor connection. I want to be the width in one direction, it is very important. Even when guests come from far away to the Swedish Arctic region, they want to experience the subarctic and then I want to add this with the outdoor perspective.

One of the management group's tasks is to ensure that the training covers the skills and areas of knowledge that correspond to the needs of the labor market. Here are names with experience in business acumen, leadership and entrepreneurship. Several of the people will give lectures during the training and the management team will be able to mentor the students.
- I believe that we have a broad and extremely competent management team that will be able to contribute a great deal to make the education top class, says education leader Lina Ekström Morin, Changemaker Educations.

Among other things, the students will gain in-depth knowledge of the customer's preferences, expectations, needs, goals and behavior when choosing experiences and destinations. The entire education is permeated by sustainability for people, animals and nature. It provides an opportunity to develop and make a career in an industry that will soon be in great need of competence.
- This is a piece of the puzzle that has been missing because the hospitality industry has developed in line with the fact that we have more small accommodation facilities that maintain a very high standard of hospitality. This education goes hand in hand with it, it goes in sync with the development of the industry.

The education also provides knowledge about entrepreneurship and development of the business in the hospitality industry. In addition, knowledge of pricing and packaging, as well as designing products and services in an economically sustainable way. The entire education is carried out in direct collaboration with the hospitality industry in Swedish Lapland. The education includes 20 weeks of internship.


For more information:
Lina Ekström Morin, Education Manager Changemaker Educations, 070-221 46 30

Arctic Hospitality Leader Management Team:
Petter Nyberg, Visita (Restaurant CG)
David Wellborg, Piteå Municipality
Britta Jonsson Lindvall, Treehotel
Rikard Westerberg, Swedish Lapland
Fredrik Broman, Arctic Getaways
Martin Spolander, Kukkokolaforsen Tourist & Conference
Barbro Gustavsson, Quality Hotel Bodensia
Rickard Mattsson, Företagarna Boden
Lars Lindberg, Regional Manager Företagarna Norrbotten
Göran Widen, Brändögruppen
Jenny Edfeldt, Elite Hotel Luleå
Per Myrén, Changemaker Educations AB
Jörgen Nordqvist, Boden Business Park