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The adjustment support was the starting point for shoemakers' cabinets

The adjustment support was the starting point for shoemakers' cabinets

Shoemaker Jonas Samuelsson applied for the municipality of Boden's adjustment support. Through his new job at Boden Business Park, he found partners - and now Boden has got its shoemaker back.
- If I had not ended up in this creative environment, I would not have opened again, he says.

It has been two years since Jonas Samuelsson put his business on hold. After 13 years alone as a shoemaker, he felt it was time for a change.
- Partly I started to miss colleagues and partly I wanted to find a new way of working to control the workload and the flow of customers. Even when I paused, I began to think that I had to digitize it in some way.

He wanted to work more practically and find a combination with shoemaking and property management, which he had previously engaged in. In the spring of 2020, he applied for the municipality of Boden's conversion support to work more with properties. He used the support to buy hours from a company to refresh his knowledge.

During the summer of 2020, he started working part-time as a property manager at Boden Business Park. He booked a meeting with Thomas Fägerman, CEO, and Emil Sandberg, business developer, and told about his plans to digitize his shoemaking.
- I knew what I wanted it to look like. Here was both expertise for website, online store and to do this digitization.

He came in contact with Petter Samuelsson at the web agency EZ Web and Kristoffer Bylund at KBD Teknik who were interested in helping him move forward.
- If I had not ended up in that creative environment, I would never have met my partners and then I would not have opened the shoe factory again.

There are now 23 lockers at Boden Business Park where customers can leave and pick up what needs to be repaired. The booking is made via the website.
- Kristoffer handles the programming between the website and the cabinets. You send a request and are assigned a locker. EZ Web works with what is visible on the website, Kristoffer works with what is in the background so that it will play together. They complement each other very well.
- I do it both for my own sake and for the sake of the customers. It is corona safe, I can have good opening hours (7.00-17.30) and I can help as many as possible on my part-time job.


Jonas Samuelsson, 070-3580521