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Boden will be a test site for investing in infrastructure of delivery boxes

Boden will be a test site for investing in infrastructure of delivery boxes

Together with Stockholm, Boden will be the first in Sweden to test unmanned cabinets to pick up, return and send packages - iBoxen. A new infrastructure solution that can create the conditions for more sustainable transport. The investment is cooperation between the companies behind iBoxen, Sweco and Boden municipality.

By 2025, e-commerce in Sweden is expected to almost double. The load on distribution and delivery points is already large today and periodically very problematic. Therefore, the unmanned iBoxen, equipped with Bluetooth technology, can be an innovative solution and a sustainable alternative. The cabinets are made of a robust metal construction and are set up on concrete foundations in strategically selected locations and in the vicinity of existing people's streams. This part of the project has taken place in close collaboration with the municipality of Boden.

In Boden, as many as 50 cabinets will be placed both in the central town but also in surrounding villages such as Harads, Bredåker, Skogså, Sörbyn and Gunnarsbyn to clarify the societal benefits of the project. Several transport companies are participating in the project from the beginning and will offer their customers iBoxen as a delivery alternative.

- iBoxen has from the start been determined that we want to contribute to creating conditions for the whole of Sweden to live. Therefore, we wanted to start the project in a sparsely populated municipality and a metropolitan municipality. That it was Boden Municipality was more of a happy coincidence as I know Claes Nordmark from before. We met a year ago and I then asked if this would be interesting for the municipality to be the first to test delivery cabinets and Claes said directly that he would be happy to discuss the issue further. After meeting the municipal board and working intensively with the public housing administration and Lars Andersson, we now have a year later an agreement with the Municipality of Boden and are in the process of placing the first 50 boxes, states Thomas Backteman co-founder of the company iBoxen.

The sustainability aspect is important for the manufacturer, who sees an opportunity to reduce the currently increasing parcel transports that lead to additional emissions and negative environmental impact. iBoxen's open and independent infrastructure makes it accessible to all transport companies, which will create new opportunities that will benefit both small businesses and private individuals.

- Sweco works with tomorrow's society and to be involved in running a project like this as a local consultant feels very inspiring, says Pontus Kristiansen, project manager at Sweco.

- An exciting project where smart use of digital technology can be a solution to a highly analogous problem. The idea of ​​sustainability is appealing, which up here is also very much about accessibility, says Jörgen Nordqvist, business developer, Boden Business Park.

iBoxen is founded by Anders Holm and Tim Jörnsen, both with a long background in Swedish and global logistics operations, Thomas Backteman, former communications director at Postnord and many years of experience from communication and PR, e-commerce entrepreneur Paul Källenius and real estate investors Jan Björk and Patrik Hegbart. The CEO of iBoxen Infrastuktur Sverige AB is Tim Jörnsen.

Jörgen Nordqvist, business developer, 070-650 08 19