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Johan Strömberg new CEO of Wanderword

Johan Strömberg new CEO of Wanderword

The interactive audio entertainment company Wanderword at Boden Business Park has a new CEO. Johan Strömberg has taken over from the company's co-founder Thomas Lindgren.

Johan Strömberg is a serial entrepreneur with a background from various financial roles at large international companies. He contributes experience, both as a former CEO of the Bitsquid game engine, which was successfully developed and sold to Autodesk, and as a C-level coach and leadership development consultant.
- There are really exciting times on Wanderword that cover a fantastic range of interactive audio entertainment. I am really excited to start at Wanderword, says Johan Strömberg.

Thomas Lindgren remains Chairman of the Board with a focus on the company's strategy, including partnerships and business development.
- It is fantastic fun to be reunited with Johan after several successful investments together, not least at Bitsquid where Johan was CEO and I was chairman of the board of Fatshark, which owned Bitsquid.
- Johan will help Wanderword take the next step in development, with his experience and leadership we will be able to develop more and better content and continue to develop the best platform for interactive audio entertainment on the market, says Thomas Lindgren.

Wanderword is a world leader in interactive audio entertainment. The company creates, for example, interactive audio books where the listener can make choices during the course of the story and thereby influence the plot. Wanderword also works with games, education and interactive podcasts. The company has operations, content production and distribution.

Over the years, Wanderword has developed a range of products for digital platforms, including several entertainment titles on Amazon Alexa. Wanderword also owns Fabula ™, a platform for creating interactive audio productions, and Poptale, the market's leading online forum for interactive audio entertainment.

The company has 15 employees in Boden, five full-time and part-time in Stockholm and two in Seattle, USA.
- I am so impressed with the set-up and symbiosis that exists at Boden Business Park. It is well thought out and works. We get early contact with talent from the educations in meetings and internships. We have employed many from the educations, but also meet skills and contacts via meetings on site or through the network, says Johan Strömberg.